Claveles Cologne 221ml Aqua de Claveles


Claveles Cologne 221ml Aqua de Claveles.

This cologne is known for its cool and clear smell. Claveles Cologne 221 ml Aqua de Claveles is a scent that stimulates brain activity and has a balancing effect. It causes pleasant dreams and ensures that we can remember our dreams better the next day. The smell of clove also provides relaxation and helps on the old to let go. As a result it provides inner joy and peace.

This is a cologne from the C’est si Bon series by Lanman and Kemp.
The creators of the original Florida Water.

Volume discounts applies to all Colonges added to the cart. Suppose you buy 12 bottles of Florida Water and 12 bottles of Claveles Cologne, then you still have a total of 24 bottles. And you are entitled to a 20% discount on all bottles of cologne you order from us.

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