About us

2be-Aware (To be Aware)


“We love to share our years of experience with other people…”

In recent years we gathered a lot of experience developing a lifestyle where connecting with nature has a central role. We discovered products that allowed us to becoming healthier and more conscious.


“By spreading our knowledge and experience, we also spread our lifestyle…”

We do this by, among other things, offering products in our store that we use ourselves and that we support. Often these are unknown or rare products.


“We sell lifestyle products that focus on good health…”

We sell various products that are designed to contribute to better health. These are mostly handmade, exclusive and sustainably produced products from different parts of the world from Peru to India.

Our team

Our suppliers

Our suppliers are also part of the team 2be-aware. Without them we could not supply these products. However, that also means responsibility. Suppliers that do not meet our standards and values are removed.

Our customers

We are working very customizable. Several of the ideas that we have done so far came from our customers. We therefore do everything to keep our customers satisfied.


‘Agnetha’s main focus is on the customers and suppliers. She is both our procurement and sales manager. Agnetha also focuses on new products and suppliers. It gives her great joy to find the perfect product for a customer.


Martijn has a very broad and deep knowledge about healthy living. He gives courses and spiritual healing and provides the technical support of the website. He makes contacts all over the world for the procurement of new products.

Our partners

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Our logo and flyers have been created by Roos.

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