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Rue Cologne (Colonia de Ruda) 250ml Expand

Rue Cologne (Colonia de Ruda) 250ml

Lanman Kemp


Rue Cologne from the producers of Florida Water.

This is a lovely cologne based on Rue. This cologne has a pleasant fragrance, which has a fresh and sparkling effect .

It helps healing spiritual wounds and releasing inner stress.

This cologne is used in Peru to ward of negative energies, such as envy and hostility. It is used in order to obtain inner stability and less mental stress, and also used to gain financial success.

It can be used on the body, but can also be used very well during shamanic and esoteric rituals.

In a handy bottle with sprayer.

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Ruda Water (Colonia de Ruda)

Rue has a long history of use in medical science and magic and is considered a protective herb in both disciplines.

The hardy evergreen shrub is mentioned by many famous writers like Shakespeare. They praise it because of it’s capabilities to expel and heal. Early Doctors considered Rue as a excellent protection against plagues and epidemics and also used it to ward off fleas and poison.

It is one of the most famous magical protective herbs and is often used in defensive spells in modern magic.

Contents250 ml

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