Vogel Extraction Crystal size 5 (280 gr)

 759,00 999,00

Extremely powerful crystal of very high quality. Made to be able to perform the most difficult healings very easy.

– Made out of very high quality natural crystal from Brazil.
– 100% clear and AAA quality.
– Specially carved in the Vogel style for extractions.
– Holds large amounts of energy without energetic wobble.
. Is used in shamanic healings and extractions.
– Comes with a protective pouch lined with sheepskin.

Weighs approximately 260-280 grams (12,5 – 16,0 cm long and 4,5 – 5,5 cm thick)*

This very rare crystals are ordered especially for you from a vendor on the other side of the world and therefore have a delivery time of approximately 6 weeks.

Vogel Extractie Kristal maat 5 (280 gr)
Vogel Extraction Crystal size 5 (280 gr)