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Reduced price! Vogel Extraction Crystal 189 gr 24 sided Expand

Vogel Extraction Crystal 189 gr 24 sided



Extremely powerful crystal of very high quality. Made to be able to perform the most difficult healings very easy.

- Made out of very high quality natural crystal from Brazil.
Water clear (does have some imperfections) but is from A quality.
- Specially carved in the Vogel style for extractions.
- Holds large amounts of energy without energetic wobble.
. Is used in shamanic healings and extractions.
- Wordt geleverd met een beschermhoes gevoerd met schapenvacht.

. Weighs 189 gram (11.4 cm long and 4.0 cm thick).

When not in stock: This very rare crystals are ordered especially for you from a vendor on the other side of the world and therefore have a delivery time of approximately 4 week .

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These powerful tools are used in meditation, in healings and to store energy during an extraction.

These crystals are very pure (but may contain inclusions). They are handmade of natural A quality quartz that is mined in Brazil.

This crystal is cut by a young crystal crafter who has a lot of experience in cutting the Vogel Crystals. However, he has not been a direct student of Marcel Vogel. That does not mean that the crystal is less strong or wonderful than other crystals. The only thing that is different is the price.

Also available in 13 to 48 facets, where the 13 facets is a relatively coarse tool and the variant with 48 facets to compare with a surgical knife.

For other options (size, weight, faceted) please contact us. The size and weight can vary because they are natural products.

Please note that because we need to order this product for you, you have an obligation to purchase when you order this product.

Weight200 - 250 gr
Purity98% (water clear)

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