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Mimosa hostilis (Jurema Preta) schredded 10g Expand

Mimosa hostilis (Jurema Preta) schredded 10g


Mimosa hostilis (Jurema Preta)

Mimosa hostilis is a tree from Brazil, where it is better known as Jurema Preta. Its rootbark contains a visionary tryptamine. Mimosa hostilis is often used together with Peganum harmala to produce an effective and easy to prepare Ayahuasca analogue.


In combination with an MAO-inhibitor the dosage is 5 to 20 grams of Mimosa hostilis. Taken by itself (as a cold water infusion) a higher dosage is required: between 25 and 45 grams.

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Florida Water (Aqua de Florida) 270 ml (Florida Water Peru)

Florida Water (Aqua de Florida) 270ml.

This is the original Florida Water from Peru based on alcohol.

Made by: Murry & Lanman.

Florida Water is commonly used in shamanic rituals to cleanse and purify. In South America it is used by the shamans from different traditions like for instance the Q'ero paqo's.

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