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Medihemp Tea 40gram Expand

Medihemp Tea 40gram



Hemp loose tea of dried flowers and leaves of the hemp plant.
Light in color and fragrant . Wrapped in a bag with
40 gram content .

This product is not a substitute for medicine, but a food supplement. In doubt always a doctor.

Please note that this product is shipped only within the EU and to the US.

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Medihemp Biological CBD oil

This CBD Oil is 100% natural. The natural balance of the plant is fully respected, both in the growth process of the plant as well as in the extraction process of the CBD.

Hemp plants are not artificially illuminated during the growth process, but grow completely natural. No artificial pesticides, herbicides or dressings used. This product has been tested and carries an Austrian organic certification.

During the extraction process, the CBD oil is obtained by heating the hemp flowers at a minimum of 145 ° C.


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Pusanga Cologne 221ml Aqua de Pusanga

Pusanga Cologne 221ml Aqua de Pusanga.

This cologne is known for its dry, refreshing, sensual and motivating smell.

Pusanga Cologne 221 ml Aqua de Pusanga is the smell of passion and desire. It is a combination of leaves, flowers, stems and roots from the depths of the Amazon. Pusanga Cologne 221 ml Aqua de Pusanga is used in Peru for erotic love rituals and promoted the seduction of the opposite sex. Outside Peru it is known as an aphrodisiac.

This is a cologne from the C'est si Bon series by Lanman and Kemp.
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