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Ambiance Candle Holder Chakra Lotus Indigo Blue Expand

Ambiance Candle Holder Chakra Lotus Indigo Blue


The Lotus is the symbol from darkness to Light, from unconscious to knowledge. The lotus also represents the seven energy centres in the human body, which are called chakra`s.

The colour dark blue focusses on the 6th chakra, the forehead chakra.

Material: Capiz Shell.

diameter 13.5 cm

Beautiful ambiance candle holders for yourself or as a gift.

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Lotus ambiance candle holders Chakra Ambiance.

The Lotus is the symbol from darkness to Light, from unconscious to knowledge..

Ambiance candle holders Chakra Lotus - Indigo Blue.

Capiz Shells

About Capiz shells: these are made from the outer layer of a mollusk, which is the scientific name placuna placenta, also called the window-oyster. Capiz shells from the Philippines are so called because they were originally captured from the shallow coastal waters near the town of Capiz, on the island of Panay. Once you have cleaned the shells, the shells are naturally translucent, and if they are painted with a light they give very beautiful colors.

sixth chakra

Sixth Chakra, third eye chakra, inner eye or command center

Ajna (Lotus flower with two leaves)

Place of the chakra : forehead.
Endocrine system : Hypothalamus and pituitary gland.
body organ : Autonomic nervous system and hypothalamic.
Sense : “third eye” (sixth sense).
psychological function : intuitive center, clairvoyance.

Element : –
Colour : indigo, transparent indigo blue.
Mantrasound : HANG, KSHANG, AUM.
gemstone : Lapis Lazuli, Indigo Blue Sapphire, dark blue sodalite.
Metal : Silver.
verb : I see ziebr />proper functioning : In our time, there are few people who have a completely open third eye as it always involves a high degree of awareness. But even if the third eye opened partially can it function harmoniously, as evidenced by a clear mind and spiritual pursuits. Your consciousness is a mirror of the Divine Being. You are master of your mind.

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Candle Holder Lotus Antique

Candle Holder Lotus Antique.

Material: gold/silver metal.


Size: 10.5 cm x19 cm