Chi-O Room Balancer (Chi Organizer)


With the Chi-O Room Balancer you can positively influence the feeling of well-being in space. You do this by simply putting a pre-programmed hologram card in the device. Of course, the Chi-O Room Balancer has the same bio-friendly frequencies as the smaller Chi-O models such as the Chi-O Economy. But this device is much more powerful. Additional amplifiers have been added and as a result the scope covers about 92 square meters.

The device is powered by a small rechargeable battery (once charging takes a maximum of 6 months). That is why you can easily take it to work or when you travel. This allows you to improve your living environment while you are at work or somewhere else.

In addition to the bio-friendly frequencies, you can also code the signal with specific information fields. This allows you to achieve specific effects. Two pre-programmed hologram cards are included with the purchase of the Chi-O Room Balancer. These are: Chakra Balance and Eliminate Negative Energy.

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)