Extraction Crystal 18 sides 320 grams 100% clear

€ 699,99

Extremely strong crystal with a high degree of finesse. Designed to perform the most difficult healings with ease.

– Made from natural crystal from Brazil.
– Specially carved in Vogel style for extractions.
– 100% clear crystal of AAA quality.
– Can hold large amounts of energy without problem.
– Used in: shamanic healings and extractions.
– Comes with a protective pouch lined with sheepskin.

These powerful tools are used in meditation (to guide mind), in healing and in order to absorb energy during an extraction.

They help you to go deeper on a mental level, and special aids in healing difficult. The crystals are (on the inside) 100% pure, hand-made ​​of natural AAA quality quartz that is mined in Brazil.

These crystals are cut by a young crystal cutter who has a lot of experience cutting Vogel Crystals. He was however not a direct student of Marcel Vogel and for that reason these crystals may not be called “Vogel Crystals”. This does not mean that the healing capabilities of these crystals is less than the ones made by students of Marcel Vogel. Since the biggest power that the crystal exposes comes from the healer working with it. Therefore these crystals are a very good and relatively cheap alternative to the Vogel Crystals which are also in our collection.

Weighs 320 grams exactly. These very rare crystals are specially ordered for you from a supplier on the other side of the world and therefore have a delivery time of approximately 3 weeks.

3 weeks delivery time

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